CWMALLS Global Jokes Sharing And Review Series — Kids Say the Darndest Things 28 | Kids Say

Kids Say The Darndest Things! That’s why we’re all here, right? We’ve posted 28 of these funny kid compilations already, and you guys are LOVING them. So with the end of the year just around the corner, today I’m giving you another installment of our brand new Kids Say series. There is no doubt that kids really do say the funniest things. Don’t believe us? Watch this compilation of hilarious kids who are adorable, sassy, witty or a sweet combo of all three. These are some seriously funny kids, and we’re here to laugh! Like the kid at 03:46 who is hilariously telling her dog all about her life! LOL! It’s such a classic clip. If you haven’t seen it, you’re gonna have to watch it because it’s literally hilarious! You don’t want to miss this LOL moment 😂 All of these funny things kids say will make you laugh.

Like this compilation, if you are LOVING this new #KidsSay series! Comment down below with your favorite clip from the comp. The vid at 10:06 cracked me up! Let’s just say there’s an amazing callback in this clip that you’re not gonna want to miss. LOL! You won’t believe what some of these kids saying funny things– so you’ll have to see the clip for yourself!

Sources from: Kyoot Channel

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